Y - Youth athletes  (6-18)
O - open athletes  (19-39)
M - master’s athletes  (40+)
Our program has its own registration and fees, but follows a common three-stage format:

1.        Early season skills development and conditioning
2.        A series of developmental meets hosted by local teams
3.        The Junior Olympics series of qualifying meets leading to the national championships
Athletes train and compete within their age group. An athlete’s age group is designated by what age the
athlete will attain during the current calendar year (i.e. by year end). Although official USATF divisions begin
with Bantams (age 9), Sub-Bantam and Mini-Bantam divisions are typically available during the local
developmental meets for younger athletes.

Y - Youth athletes (6-18)
Youth Age Divisions
Young Men/Women (YM/W) 17-18
Intermediate (I) 16-15
Youth (Y) 13-14
Midgets (M) 11-12
Bantam (B) 9-10
Sub-Bantam (SB) 7-8
Mini-Bantam (M00B) 6 & Under
O - Open athletes (19-39)
M - Master’s athletes (40+)

Our club operates under the supervision of USATF certified coaches. All coaches and their assistants
are required to be members of the USATF and maintain good standing through an annual background